World Social Science Forum 2018

Sep, 25-28, 2018 FUKUOKA, JAPAN

Security and Equality for Sustainable Futures

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= to Japan entry visa applicants for participating in WSSF2018 =

In case you need to have the visa, it is strongly recommended you apply for visa application required documents via this site no later than 20 August, so that you would be able to receive the documents and have your visa issued at the local Japanese Embassy/Consulate in time for the Forum participation.

Please kindly note that regarding the application via this site made after 23 August, the forum organizing committee can NOT guarantee if the applicants can receive the required documents and make their own visa application in time for the Forum. Thank you for your kind understanding, in advance.

All participants entering Japan must have a valid passport. In addition, participants coming from certain countries must have a visa issued by a Japanese embassy/ consulate in their country.
Please check visa requirements on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (MOFA).

“Visa Application Required Documents” must be prepared before you make the application on your own at a Japanese embassy/consulate, in your country.
The WSSF organizing committee will provide the following required documents* for visa application for participants who have completed payment of the Forum registration fee.

  • * Letter of reason for invitation,
    Letter of guarantee
    Schedule during stay
How to receive the above documents:
  • ► Download and fill out the Visa Support Applicant Form I and II, after completing your WSSF registration and full payment.
  • ► Send the completed form and copies of the following 3 documents by email to  (mail title: WSSF visa support)
    ※Mails sent to the wrong address will not be considered.
    1. Passport ID pages (with your name, photo clearly visible)
    2. Document verifying your affiliation and position ( e.g., staff/student /employee ID card)
    3. Air ticket (electronic ticket itinerary/ receipt)
  • Note:
  • ・Submission of insufficient documents (e.g. no e-ticket attached) or inconsistencies between submitted form and attached materials (e.g. differences in the spelling of your name, length of stay) will delay our process of providing you with the above documents required for your visa application. Please make sure to send all necessary information that meets the requirements.
  • ・After our receipt of all of your sufficient submission, it may take up to a few weeks until we issue and send off the required documents to you by post.
  • ・The WSSF2018 visa support office only process applications with period of stay for up to 7additional days excluding the days of the Forum (September 25, 26, 27 and 28).
How to apply for visa at a Japanese embassy/consulate.
  • ► After you receive the required documents* from Japan, take them to a Japanese embassy/consulate closest to you in your country. Make a visa application there by submitting them with the other necessary application documents.
  • Note:
  • ・The documents sent from Japan do not necessarily assure the applicant will obtain a visa. Visa is issued by a Japanese embassy/consulate in accordance with their own criteria.
  • ・After your applying at the Japanese embassy/consulate in your country, it may take up to even several weeks for the visa to be issued. Therefore, you are strongly recommended to schedule your application early enough to receive the visa in time for participating the WSSF2018.

Inquiry: WSSF 2018 Visa Support Office
c/o T.E.I Co., Ltd.
Hours:9:00-17:00 JST weekdays