World Social Science Forum 2018

Sep, 25-28, 2018 FUKUOKA, JAPAN

Security and Equality for Sustainable Futures

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URGENT: Announcement to all presenters from the WSSF Scientific Program Committee

The WSSF2018 Scientific Program Committee are truly grateful to Session Chairs, presentation teams and all adopted presenters, for all their great contributions.

Please kindly note all presenters are required to complete the Forum registration and full payment of the registration fee, in order to be officially included on the Program and to make a presentation.    
Even if session abstracts or paper abstracts have been accepted by the Forum SPC, their presentation will NOT be confirmed until the registration fee payment is certainly completed. 

Please register and complete the payment at your earliest convenience or at latest no later than 30 June, 2018.   

(1) This request for completion of registration fee payment applies to all presenters of the following format:

-INVITED sessions(chairs, co-chairs, moderators, speakers, discussants)
-Parallel Sessions(chairs, co-chairs, moderators, speakers, discussants), Topical Session speakers, Poster Presenters

(2) All Chairs of INVITED Sessions and Parallel CS Sessions are requested to make sure all members of the presentation team have completed their registration and the payment.

 *Please newly create your Log-in ID and password as the registration online system is not linked to the other systems you may have used for previous submission.  Thank you.

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