World Social Science Forum 2018

Sep, 25-28, 2018 FUKUOKA, JAPAN

Security and Equality for Sustainable Futures

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About Japan



Compact and Stress-free Access

Easy access from everywhere overseas especially Asia-Pacific region and simple connection between Fukuoka Airport and the venue would make your trip completely stress-and-trouble free!

Safety & Hospitality

The number of international conventions held in Fukuoka has been the second largest in Japan, for the past 7 consecutive years. It is analyzed to be attributed partially to an inclusive supporting system by municipal offices and local businesses with citizens all involved, to accept event’s participants as a host city. You would be cordially welcome to come and experience Fukuoka!

International Accessibility

Fukuoka city is located western Japan, and Fukuoka Airport, one of the busiest airports in Japan with more than 2.1 million passengers per year, is connected to 20 major cities in Asia-Pacific with a number of direct flights.
International passengers from outside Asia can transfer at Haneda, Narita or Asian hub airports such as Seoul, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taipei very easily.

Departure City/Airport Flying hours Flights per week
Seoul 1h 20min 70
Shanghai 1h 40min 42
Hong Kong 3h 55min 21
Taipei 2h 40min 28
Narita International 2h 10min 70
Haneda International 1h 30min 370
Kansai International 1h 15min 28

Fukuoka at a glance (Fukuoka Convention Bureau)  


Temperature: Ave. 22.8℃ 《late September》
(Highest Ave. 25.9℃ / Lowest Ave.18.8℃)
Rainfall in September: Ave. 172.0mm